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Podiatrists are trained to give you the latest advice and treatment to improve or eliminate your foot pain. The Podiatrist employs procedures and equipment to diagnose and treat foot and ankle disorders. We aim to improve your foot function, increase your foot comfort and help you to remain active and pain-free.

Statistics indicate approximately 70% of the Australian population will experience severe foot pain at some time during their life. Foot pain affects your mobility and therefore hampers your ability to work, exercise, and enjoy life.

Our expert Podiatrists can help you with:

  • Routine care (Corns, Calluses, and Toenail Disease)
  • Management of infections (Fungal and Bacterial Infections, Wounds, and Ulcerations)
  • Orthoses and insoles to improve foot mechanics (Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet (Pronation), Weak Ankles; Sports Injuries of the Foot and Ankle (Twisted Ankles), Foot Fatigue and Pain, Foot and Ankle Fractures)
  • Chronic disease care (Diabetes and Arthritis)
  • Minor surgery of foot deformities (Ingrown Toenails, Warts/Verrucae, Skin Lesions)
  • Education of clients (Exercise, Rehabilitation and Activity Appropriate Footwear)

Podiatrists treat all foot conditions with care and compassion. Where we can’t resolve a problem, we will refer on and follow up with Specialist care.  We are motivated in providing current information and review of foot surgery options.

What are foot “Orthotics”? “Orthotics” are commonly known as arch supports, insoles, or shoe inserts. They are designed and manufactured to alter the way a foot contacts the ground. It is often the case that poor foot alignment (e.g., Pronation – flat foot) completely alters the function of all those joints above. “If the bit on the ground isn’t right then nothing above can be”. Orthoses can be made to change the bony joint position, pressure off-loads a painful area, straighten a deformity, and/or replace a wasted fat pad. We recommended that your Orthotics are custom prescribed, manufactured, and fitted by one of our Podiatrists. We provide devices of the highest quality and comfort; we guarantee our devices. For those with basic alignment or poor cushioning problems, we may prescribe an off-the-shelf insoles/orthotic. Not everybody requires a custom-made device to walk free of pain.