Postnatal Fitness

Mum exercising with baby

Attadale Pelvic Health is excited to announce that we are now runnning a specialised postnatal fitness program.

Designed and led by a team of Pelvic Health Physiotherapists, the program is for women who have recently had their baby (8 weeks +) and would like to commence exercise in a safe, motivating, fun and easily accessible environment.

Our program is very thorough and will help women regain their physical and mental health postpartum and give them the confidence to safely return to the exercise of their choice at completion of the program.

How are we different from other postnatal fitness programs?

  • Each woman will receive a one on one postnatal assessment, where birthing history, medical history and musculoskeletal history will be taken into consideration. Bladder, bowel and sexual function will be discussed, baby’s development, feeding concerns and pelvic floor and surrounding muscles assessed thoroughly – giving women the confidence that return to exercise (and ‘life’) will be the best it can be.
  • You can bring your baby to the class! We have an easily accessible car park right in front of the building, no parking fees and ample space for baby and pram to be right with you in the same room you are exercising in.
  • You will be supervised closely with each exercise and guided how to progress or modify an exercise to suit your body and needs.
  • You may be eligible to claim for your program through your private health, as the program is run by a Physiotherapist.
  • Our program combines different exercise options: circuit (free weights, TheraBand and machines), Pilates (reformer, mat, trapeze), and cardiovascular exercises
  • Our exercises are all pelvic floor friendly.
  • Each week you will be provided with a structured home exercise program and motivated to complete it at home.
  • We will reassess at the end of the six weeks so you can see your improvement!
  • Not only do our programs cover physical health post having a baby, but we incorporate information about breast health, bladder and bowel health, sexual health, postpartum nutrition and baby development – with visits from pertinent health professionals from the area.
  • We provide an open communication policy where you can ask your Physiotherapist any questions about your postnatal journey over the course of the 6 weeks.
  • We understand we all have different fitness goals and interests, so aim to work with you to return to the exercise of your choice, safely. We are happy to communicate with the trainer who will continue your postnatal fitness journey.
  • We have been in your shoes, we have run many similar programs over the past 10 years, we have asked our women what they want from a postnatal fitness program – and we have listened.

The program will consist of:

  • 1 x 45 minute exercise session each week, over 6 weeks
  • A home based exercise program to complete each week
  • Pertinent postnatal education provided over the course of the 6 weeks
  • Guidance with suitable plans for exercise options following completion of the program (communication with your new trainer after your complete the program if you desire.

Please note, you will need to organize and individual pelvic health 60 minute consult with our Pelvic Health Physiotherapist prior to commencing your 6 week course.