FeldenKrais 1 reduced

The Feldenkrais Method® is a simple, powerful practice that teaches you how to investigate, improve and take responsibility for the skill in your movement and action.

You’ll learn to restore harmony and cooperation to your muscles and by improving the essential patterns of movement that sustain all healthy action. Feldenkrais participants experience dramatic changes in their bodies, then apply the same principles to learning or to improving any task in life.

Feldenkrais is for a wide variety of adults and children including those with: pain, movement difficulties, developmental difficulties, neurological troubles, neuro/immune dysfunction or for those who wish to improve a skill they can already do very well (such as music, dance, yoga, theatre, or sports).

To book or for further information and enquiries call Annemarie on 0439 585 782, to discuss any further details about your Feldenkrais appointment and/or your ATM class.