Kayla Pilates

Pilates-informed Physiotherapy Sessions:

We offer multiple Clinical Pilates sessions each week. Our sessions are run by a highly experienced Physiotherapist, and are tailored specifically to your needs. Sessions are suitable for any level, whether you are new to Pilates or very experienced. Our sessions are also suitable for those recovering from injury or for pregnant or new mums.
Following an initial assessment by our Physiotherapist, to identify your specific needs, you will have the option to do one on one  sessions, or a 60 minute small group class (3-4 people).

Experience a variety of exercises incorporating the reformer, trapeze, wanda chair and/or mat-work. The sessions will improve aspects such as strength, flexibility, coordination and posture with a strong focus on training your postural and stability muscles.

You will learn to gain control of your body so that you understand ‘how’ to move. In this way, the physical gains you make will become functional, meaning that your day to day activities become easier and more efficient.

The Physiotherapist will supervise and progress your exercises during each class, delivered within an evidence-based and therapeutic framework, rather than purely for fitness.

Because your program is run by a Physiotherapist, private health insurance rebates may apply.