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“Respectfully helping you achieve personal change”.

Linda’s approach is person-centred and respectful. She applies research-based therapeutic interventions to treat individual adults. Assisting clients to achieve their therapeutic goals and experience positive outcomes is the aim of therapy.

Medicare clinical psychology and private health insurance rebates are available. Please phone Linda on 0422 203 366 for further information and to make an appointment.

Linda, our in house Psychologist can help you with:

  • Mood and Anxiety disorders including posttraumatic stress
  • Life stage transition concerns and adjustment disorder
  • Relationship concerns
  • Work-related stress and career issues
  • Grief and loss

The following is referenced from the Australian Psychological Society website:

How can psychology help me?

Using scientific principles, psychology explores human emotions, cognitive ability and biological functions to help us better understand how and why we think, feel, behave and react.

Psychologists work with people to help them recover from many issues that include depression, trauma, anxiety and other mental health issues. Relationship issues, work-place concerns and decision-making are commonly discussed.

Where do psychologists work?

Psychologists work in schools, hospitals, courts, health, prisons, businesses, defence, sport, in private practice and in other settings.

In private practice assessment and therapy is provided. Psychologists help  by talking to their clients, listening to their concerns, assessing their needs based on their goals and then providing support and treatment.

Which type of psychologist is right for me?

Finding the right psychologist for you is important. Doing your research and understanding what you need and expect from your psychologist is a good starting point.

How much does seeing a psychologist cost?

The fees psychologists charge vary according to the type of service and place it is offered.